What Is Most Searched About Fashion

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Curiosity is the key to experiment, fashion industry is full of question marks? What is inside the industry can not be revealed exactly how it is and what it is? But as these days technology is so quick.

So, ""people raises questions like how, why, where, what etc. on the google searches"". So, as a blogger i guess i should take you to the ride of what are the most searched questions on google?

Though fashion is affecting youngsters the most and every second youth is trying into fashion because of its glam and fame? So, some of question i found really interesting and thought to tell you about that, here are the questions:

Most Searched Questions Are Such As:

>> latest women fashion and fashion tips?

>> what are the types of fashion?

>> what is the difference between fashion & style?

>> What is the point of the fashion?

>> How can i get into fashion?

>> What is the Bohemian fashion?

>> How many types of fashion shows are there?

"Check for the best, go for the rest" to be in fashion or to be a fashion. There are no exact rules and boundaries in fashion. Whatever color, silhouettes, dresses, suit, casual, ethnic, formals whatever it is, if it getting liked by us we can wear it but how to wear it could be challenging? We in India many parts of the region are restricted to wear what they like to wear and how they want to wear? So, as a fashion guider. I will try to explain that how can we look stylist, simple and trendy with our regular clothes with no more social question marks? So, let's discuss that what is getting searched more about fashion these days:

The first question we have is:

) latest women fashion and fashion tips?

For now the women which is trending most is "ruffle sleeves, loose crop- tops, joggers, denim jackets, straight cut pants, carrot fit jeans, paper bag ripped jeans, jeans with patches, ankle length jeans, died prints, buckle sandals, belt bags, tight pleats, sensible shorts, fringes" and more you can find running styles to carry your outfit like styles to carry street wears, how celebs and high street fashion styling clothes in relevant ways to go for the perfect day look.


Essential tips which i would like to suggest are:

  • Wear loose clothes, lightweight and moon light colors to feel ease and active as summer is knocking.

  • If you are lover of short dresses in the summer i would suggest wear body hugging dresses with low margin inside as the wind can make us feel embarrassed sometime. so,the best tip for summer to "wear is skirt with pleats, body fitted dress, sensible shorts, neon colors etc".

  • Don't follow anyone who might looking good more than you and creating an illusion at your mind that you can look like her or more gorgeous than her as that could be not suitable for you. Always prefer yourself for who you are, go for waterproof and skin matched make up for radiant skin in the toughest and hot day of summer.

  • Don't mess with your hairs as hot summer days could ruin them and you could look disarrayed. Tie your hairs, try to stay in cool place and protect your hairs from getting damaged.

  • Wear buckled sandals, gladiators, flats etc. so, your feet could stay cool and to feel active as well throughout the day.

) Second most frequent asked question is what are the types of fashion?

  • Types of fashion depends on your requirement of day actually. It depends on where are you and what are the requirements of that particular area for example "you are on the street, office, gym, beach, village, college, party, event, occasions etc". Your fashion is exactly what your day is about or your personality too helps you to set your fashion style for the day or celebrations.

Different occasions demands different styles, different you or new you can make feel good and much more. So, different styles in fashion are like :

"Street Style, Ethnic Wear Styles, Formal Office Wear, Semi Formal Wear, Evening Shines, Girly Style, Sports Wear Style, Rocker Chic Style, Hip Hop Style, Preppy Style, Kawaii Fashion, CowGirl Style, Geeky Style, Retro Fashion, Flappers Fashion, Tomboy Style, Vacation Style, Punk Style, Boho Chic Style, Modest Fashion, Rave Fashion, Flamboyant Style, Ankara Fashion" are the fashion types which we go throughout the day.

) what is the difference between fashion & style?

Fashion is like tasty food but it's uniqueness is its style. The more you garnishes food more flavors will be experienced. Trend only provides silhouettes, cuts made with particular fabric, added with tons of patterns and colors too but the manner how we carry those clothes are known as style. Fashion style co-relates each other most of the time fashion and style stands together and pronounced as one. What makes celebrities to be followed are there clothes the reason or the style they carry? Actually both complements each other and they should be carried purposely for the perfect flavor for example take your "simple solid color blouse wear printed armed tattoo sleeve and pair with a ripped paper bag denim, wear a baseball cap and finally complete the look with white sneakers for the uniqueness to be carried out. 'Check accordingly pair variantly' and you are ready to be complemented.

) What is the point of the fashion?

Point of the fashion is nothing but to make you feel special from inside and to bring the confidence of looking good and to being followed. In general fashion is important as it shows culture of particular city or town. Our designers do get inspired by the variant colors of the world and they bring us the finest sewing, patterns, silhouettes to show the colors and beauty of different countries and we as a normal people get chances to see the beauty of world within our clothes. So, this way fashion get its strong beaded status.

) How can i get into fashion?

It's as simple as you think, your imagination can take you to any ride in this world. The way you see yourself if are able to show the world same in terms of your style and the way to live life beauty. Because fashion has no terms and condition to be followed. Fashion industry is beyond imagination, bring your creativity and psyche together to be a fashion designer, fashion stylist or an artist whatever field it is this is the best way to be in fashion or to be a trendsetter.

) What is the Bohemian fashion?

The bohemian fashion was first appeared in france revolution after the deprived of the patronage where wealthy clients used to support the art, artist were turned into poverty. Many people took nomadic life and started to live cheaply, wearing cheap and used clothes.

Though artist were known as the fine craftsman on there own and are known for free living wearing loose clothes, boots, hats, long neck chains, beaded hand bracelets, long gypsy skirts and many more, living a nomadic life.

The history of bohemian fashion or modernly known as boho chic is nearly about 200 years. Basically Bohemia was a gypsy oriented area in eastern europe and the balkans. So, the artist and intellectuals there were known as Bohemian. Materialism, private property are restricted in the boho culture. They are mainly associated with drugs, alcohol, They are not socially connected much but there center of living is art.

The Type Of Clothes They Prefer Are:

>> loose flowing clothes,

>> less restrictive clothes worn without corset or bra or other restrictive garments.

>> loose long hairs.

>>Used or worn clothes artistic chains at neck, head or at the place of belt.

>> robes Peasant style clothing, tunics, loose trousers, boots or sandals like gladiators.

>> Used or worn clothes

>> Central elements of their clothing are kimonos, ethnic designs of persia, India, Turkey and china.

>> Mixing historical ethnics from medieval clothing, layering.

>> Mixing of unusual colors and patterns.

>> Multi stranded of beades, bracelets and the wearing of unmatched jewels.

>> Broad brimmed hats

>> Patched clothing

>> Paisley, floral prints, ruffles, lacey edges.

>> A completed contrived dishevelment.

Bohemian style is getting viral on really wide scale because of there ease to wear and show the artistic and historical mixing of medieval period makes this gypsy style more lovable and preferable for youngsters of 21st century. As the belief in the norms is that they are free from the bounds of society and free to move anywhere with the help of there artisan looks.

How many types of fashion shows are there?

Fashion Show get it's identified name when the models get ready for the strut down the runway, designer then check for the name mainly it's based on what creativity do designer want to show out or which season that collection is about but still there are five types of fashion shows are there such as "ready-to-wear, couture, menswear, resort and pre-fall".

>> Ready To Wear is the type when brands show there collection in order to get like by the people and they could buy them. Many middle class brands has started their ready-to-wear line in the followed of international big brands like gucci, armani, louis vuitton and many more.

>> Couture is the type of fashion show in which fashion designer do show their creativity of next level they do experiment with fringes, ruffles, smokey makeup, big headgears. The purpose of these type of fashion shows are to show the signature style of designer and their collection in an artistic way.

>> Menswear fashion show are mainly based on the purpose of showing men's wear collection as most of the time fashion designers work on the women's wear which results is the neglection of menswear. So, now the designers do keep a separate walk for the men's collection based on season.

>>Resort collection is an annually presentation of the two major seasons mostly inspired on the basis of vacation such as flown garments, lots of colors and tropical prints, floral patterns in order to those people who heading towards hot places and coats or winter wear for those who all are planning to go for vacation toward cool places.

>> Pre-fall Fashion Shows are inspired on two season at runway as they are based on the trend sets for the coming season. It happens in late summer and it's a mismatch of couture, ready-to-wear and resort collection too.

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