Spreading Of Toxic In Fashion Veins

One Of The Elite Industry In World Is Fashion !!

Fashion Industry is one of the elite industry in today's time. Not in India or any particular city, area or country. It is a worldwide business touching the heights of the sky. Looking good can be a intoxication to oneself as well. With the word toxic i mean "drugs, alcohol, surgery, depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders and much more". This toxic is spreading its octopus arm and industry is suffering because of this poison.

Everyone in fashion industry is feeling this ache as the side effect do exist . It was not visible before, social media could be the platform due to which all this dark side is coming out of the cave full of blimmin lights and glamour sprinkles.

Experience In Fashion Industry Says Something

Let me just describe little brief i remember that i went one shoot, the team was super cool as we hear like in "fashion industry smoke up, harassing, nudity is really a common part the same thing happened".

The casting director was keep on blowing smoke 4 to 5 cigarette at a time chasing with girls touching her in bad manner and no ones care because everyone is authorized to do that i find that they do out of there senses and there are no limits no border line to respect, everyone's losted in drugs or alcohol.

But i must say one thing that no one will be controlling you whatever people doing in fashion industry they are doing with there own choice we can say that that the climate of fashion industry controls the mind of people because whatever we are watching we feeling that inside and we get attracted to that fallen part of the fashion culture.

World Wide Drugs Survey Reports 2018

The filters of society and culture are governing us to be like someone or to be followed everything brutally convicted nothing is holding us back to look.

The survey reports of 2018 shows something beyond belief that what people does to numb there emotions and to survive the hard conditions to go through.

The Global Drug Survey 2018 which researched the drug-taking habits of 130,000 people across 44 countries, is published and has found that a high proportion of drinkers around the world don’t believe the health warnings that are printed on alcohol packaging.

Fashion Industry Has Strong Link With Drugs

The dark side of fashion is apparent when we talk to anyone close to the industry, particularly if they work with models. Runway models are expected to maintain a neglected-like appearance no matter what it takes, but if the public gets wind of drug abuse, their career is all but over. The very hand that will happily exploit a model will turn on her in an instant and shake its finger in her face for doing what it takes to comply with unrealistic and unhealthy industry standards.

The toxic is not the thing which has risen in one night it has a great antiquity to know, According to a U.S. News report, 61 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug a day; the "Just Say No" campaign is largely regarded as a failure; and "Valley of the Dolls," with its tragic pill-centric plot lines, has always possessed a cult following.

(The collection was also simply a play on words: The spring 2017 Moschino runway show featured models made to look like paper dolls, wearing outfits with white tabs sticking out.)

Drugs are not always necessary. Belief in recovery always is !!

fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!