What is fashion styling & Why It is important ?

Trying New, Exploring Views, Making Mistakes Are The Coolest Thing In The World.

Looking good is all about to bring your inside beauty outside through your choice of colors, silhouettes, your hairstyle, makeup and how we dress for occasions, routine looks do really matter in our daily life, office time, evening parties, occasions, events everywhere we get judged based on our looks. So, on the basis of all these basic logic, garment styling has introduced to make us look good and feel good. There are vast range of clothes available in different colors and so many styles for different skin textures, body types. As we go for shopping we find really good variety of clothes to choose from and we get attracted to buy them while purchasing if we try that outfit also and if we shop online which is looking really good but there are chances that our body don't get familiar with the particular slit.

What could be the reasons?

There are highly chances that maybe 'Color is not suitable to our skin texture, cuts of garment is not supporting our curves comfortably or maybe pairing of garments is not complementing each other'. First thing which is really important is to understand our physique betterly. So, we could highlight the body curves while hiding our backdraws .

It's really common something which is looking good on our friend may not look good on us. So, that could led us to think that there is something wrong in us. Which is really not correct. We must be aware physique. So, we could always be appreciated for our dressing sense and intelligence too..

Colors Are The Basic Facts Of Garment Styling

Colors are the primary thing in Styling, Different colors plays different role, some are warm, some are balanced and some are cold as well, We try so many different experiments with our body, hairs and makeup in expect to look different, charming and many more. Every Industry has chosen its colors. So, we could easily find which field particular person is belonging, such as in IT firm we see basically grey, black, Brown colors which are relatively darker in shades as they provide a gentle subtle look, festivals do relate with maroon, red, orange, pink, blue, violet, green and many more, street wear mostly includes lighter shades like, white, blue, beige, black, green, pink, grey and various related shades. Basically purpose is to tell the important colors keep for themselves. But outside office there are so many different characters in which we need to fit in so, colors help us to glow throughout the day .

Different Styles Based On Divergent Physique

Basically we have five types of body type in which we have hourglass shape, oval, rectangular, triangle and inverted triangle. As there are vast range of clothes available in market and most of the time we like many of them .

But after buying it that dress may not look friendly with our body. There are really basic reason on which style story based and could help us to look slim, tall and perfect curves to show. Fundamentally everything has not made for everyone, let us try to understand how looks matter based on our vital stats such as

Belted dresses, high waist denims and wide pants, crop top looks really good on hourglass shape glass figure these type of dresses helps to show perfect curves, makes us to look tall, slim and quirky.

High waist break dresses, vertical shape tops, palazzo, straight cut pants helps to look tall and lean for oval shape body, as these dresses helps to hide extra fats and gives proper shape to body.

Skin tight tops, A- line skirt, skinny jeans, Apron dresses are some examples for rectangular body to look tall, slim, which can add a wow complement to day.

Boat neck, drapes which are fit at shoulders and hips something that gives a hug to body can give a slimmer look to body like pear/ triangle shape body.

Silhouettes like balloon/pouf dresses, halter neck, tent shape, strapless, bell bottoms maintains curve of the inverse triangle body very.

These are some primary principal which we should aware of while shop for our wardrobe.

How Fashion Affecting Us In Our Routine

If we talk over the history of fashion styling So, we see that fashion has not risen in single night so, many researches and experiments has been done to guide the right fit for right body. The first fashionable women was seen in 14th century in Europe. So, many sculpture from 14th and 16th century can be seen in crop tops and skirt beginning from the waist line. so, fashion has really a long tail. Today we following someone who is beautiful, slim and fair on the behalf of their fashion styles, colors of clothes, garment cuts which they wearing. Accordingly from head to toe so many different things varies to decide what should be our final inspiring look including hairstyles, makeup, dress, accessories etc. Most of the time in ways of styling we follow each other to look good. Silhouettes, Prints get introduced every year which helps us to stay trendy, but fashion is all about to look unique in a subtle way.

If I meet someone who is from IT industry or management level people. They wear like they have been trained to behave, to wear most of the time almost all look same but must say they do look good, gentle and knowledgeable too but everyone do look same so, it seems little bored sometime because out of the office they wear something which is not according to the event. Styling is an essential part of our routine we could say that how we look could affect our routine. Clothes, styles, accessories is inspired to make our lives easy and active.

To Be Complemented Or To Inspire Other Our Look Really Matters !!

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