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fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!


Hi, It's Writer, Here You Can Find About Me

fiachic is my blog name which consist of two words one is fia that means 'girls' and second word is chic which represents 'cute', So, fiachic is all about 'cute girls' growing faster making mistakes with no worries about the future. Finding laugh and fun in every condition also have an unstoppable attitude. Wearing funky clothes and Don't care about what other are talking. If you find these anonymous qualities in yourself that's the reason 'All Girls Do Same'. Here I will be helping with my best of styling sense and personality development skills, Will guide you with running trends and Key looks Of the season, Some easy pairing of our casual wear and different type of slits which we prefer for different occasions to celebrate the moments. I will be taking you to the journey of clothes from 'ancient slits to moders attire' and so on, we'll be enjoying the journey together. As far as my self concerned I started work as a fresher in 2013 for the first I did tonnes of mistake and learnt the way to make things perfect and to match my innovation to reality. Still I am learning everyday to make things perfect and to explore beauty of world with small eyes. If i concerned my studies, I have done really basic studies no higher education or something which may everyone thinks that this could be necessary to enhance your imagination to your work. I love to be practical and to push myself for trying something new or to fly high in the sky. I won't say that any thing is easy or tough. Life is just a play and we should be player. For now my goals are to be an innovator and to represent my country on International level to do projects for really good brands as an Art Director. Now I have just begin I know the journey would be really tough and could break me down some time but as I said life is a play and we should be player no matter for how many times we loosing game but crazy kid inside us always will stand again. So, this is about me for now soon i will be start sharing journey experiences.