Identify Your Best Colors To Enhance Your Blush

Basic About Colors

It could be really common that which suits our friend may not looks good at us and can derive us into misery about our complex. Maybe somewhere color could be the basic reason to that, Colors are the most important thing which can give natural glow to skin and can dim also. Everyone has unique shade of skin based on color of hair, lips, eyes and so on.

So, it's really necessary to know ourselves that what type of our skin exactly is and which type of colors gives more charm to us. If we talk about the temperature of our skin mainly there are two skin which is cold & warm. According to color science and professional conclusions of specialist, color of skin has divided into four types like "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" as well. By following little steps you can check your skin type and perfect tonal color easily.

Check Your Skin Tone Wisely

Every single skin is different, there are wide range of colors in skin and nature as well. How we see ourselves could be an illusion. So, how can we come out of this illusion? It's really easy to check for your skin you can follow for the best results, simply go in a well lit room, light should be natural, checkout yourself in a mirror, take several patches of fabric or just some colored paper sheet determine them, govern your skin temperature. for example take red and shades of red like coral, cherry, orange, hot pink etc.

It's really important to check both warm and cold colors. Decide which shade tones you well, gives gloss to your face and blush to your skin while your feature looks prominent and face dims become inexpressive. If we discuss about nature of warm & cold colors category so we'll find "Warm colors include red, yellow, orange because they are much more inspired by sun" and the "Cool color depicts blue, green,purple etc as they reminds us more about water & grass". Basically we can say that it's in our own hand to judge our skin type and next is to enhance that skin naturally with the flavour of colors.

Colors For Spring Inspired Skin

Skin inspired skin is mostly transparent and sensitive to sun, there are high chances of freckles on skin, hairs are in color like blonde, light brown or honey.

On the basis of these features the colors which are suggested by professionals such as peach, warm pink, apricot, orange, ginger, golden, cream,red.

Various shades of green - the colors of fresh cabbage, fresh green apple, aqua, golden-turquoise as well as the color of roast milk, cream, beige-yellow, the color of chocolate, brown-violet, sparkling gold.

Colors Which Could be avoided are : dazzling white, cold pink, silver-gray, coal-black.

Colors For Summer Inspired Skin

Skin based on summer type need not to be afraid of sun, the best thing of summery skin is that it turns into bronze in sun.

Commonly they have dark brown, brown or black hairs, lips would be pale pink on the basis of all these symptoms colors which has suggested are the cool colors like snowy, smoky, pastel, blurry tones. These type of ladies look gentle in shades like blue, gray-white, silvery, pearly, lilac, beige-gray shades, color of faded denim blue, indigo, dark pink with a purple tint, red wine also suits them.

Colors Which should be avoided are : warm colors like Orange, ocher, carrot-red, egg yolk color, toxic-green. Black and White also suggested to be avoid.

Autumn Inspired Skin

Skin Inspired by Autumn Season are warm in temperature. Skin color is mainly golden in shade have hairs colors like dark brown, honey, reddish they are sensitive to sun.

They have the natural glow in skin. Colors which are advised to wear Gold-blue, azure, emerald,bronze, brown-red, ocher, mustard, khaki, champagne, yellowish-beige, fawn, copper.

Dark purple, red poppy and orange are mainly suggested to enhance the glow and features naturally.

Colors Which Should be avoided are : snowy, black, pastel shades of blue and pink.

Skin Inspired By Winter

Winter based skin are almost white in color, highly sensitive to sun, it is mostly contrasted hairs are black in color and skin is white.

They get reddish in sun. Colors which are advised to them are :

snowy, black, light blue, navy blue, purple and silver. They could also go for colors such as coffee, dark chocolate, hot pink, fuchsia, steel-gray.

"Winter" color-type looks great in the color of dark cherry, hot raspberry and bordeaux.

Shades need to be avoided are : orange, faded yellow, red-brown, brick etc.

Colors Could Make You Look More Fair, Enthusiastic & Rhythmic !!

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