How Your Young Boy Glances To You !!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Men Could Be Much More Complex To Understand Then Women !!

We see so many faces, anatomy, psyche throughout day around us. Which can be a judging spike to understand state of mind and 'characteristic' of the person and as men could be much more 'complex' than ladies logic. let's try to understand where men's head is at?

Men With Tattoo

Alpha Male

Alpha male has an incredible 'endowment' to allure women, These guys consider as a 'lion family'. They do have acute features, strong jaw, lean physique with complex mind to amuse oneself, could be a tough challenge because of 'fearless attitude' for other guys. Those ladies who has this genius as an ally could be a lucky one and they do loyal at there relation status.

Alpha Male

Magnetic Male

I personally call 'talk dark guys' as Magnetic Male, with whom girls get fascinated more at a single look. Men with sharp features and uncomplicated mind condition. They do helping, funny, attractive and good person from heart. These male has appealing ability to attract female. Mostly dark guys i have noticed involved in 'sports' and has a different norm to win the game. Girls can not get enough with these guys as they do 'romantic and delightful'. They are the best species of men's unit.

seductive male

Ambitious Fellow

These fellow do really clean at their mind and 'ambitious' for there goal which i have experienced at my research. They do not get much involved at social activities, They do really 'creative, less spoken and attractive'. Girls can feel being avoided by these bodies as they are 'pioneer and adventurous'. This red-blooded type intricate in sports, artist, photographer, musician etc. In terms of being in relation they could be caring ones and can make their love one feel special.

ambitious male

Squaw Man

MisChief is here no other can stand long, Because these guys could be 'rough and tough' as they do 'business minded' and could do every possible try to win the 'battle'. These guys can be 'dominating personality' for others, they don't give damn to mankind but the best thing is that these type of men if gets fall in love with women, they could be the best lover for his girl and will protect her till his last breath. Girls may get afraid of them but squaw man do respects women in many cases i have studied, rest opinion are always open.

squaw man

Big Babies

Big Babies sort of boys do really pampered at their home and could be little afraid of outside world and taking decision as well as to express themselves. They are they 'cutest' friend for girls, they do helping, funny, 'full of question marks' and good at studies. They are soft hearted and can available to 'assist anytime for friends'. They can be little annoying but really sweet friend. They are the best gift as a friend but maybe not that good at relation status but i need some perspective on milquetoast.

mumma's boy

Self Possessed Guys

Self Possessed Guys do look sober, calm and keep themselves busy at research. They are intelligent, helping, focused and little shy to express themselves but can make other speechless with their 'knowledge and discipline'. Sometime they acts confused but love to solve cluttered issues with their mind. These guys could be really a 'helpful hand for friends'. In term of relation they do really broadminded and respects women, best at assisting and caring.

self focused
Sometime It's Tough To Analyse or Judge someone but men can not be misled as their soft heart are hidden under the bushes !!

fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!