The Adorable/Shy Women Of India

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Beauty of Nature And Women Can not be Described In Words, It just can be seen and Sensed !!

Sari is a type of a women costume belongs from subcontinent part of India. It's a long fabric in length of 4.5 meters to 8 meters and 2 to 4 feet in breadth. It basically starts from the waist with one arm draped towards shoulder. It mainly pairs with 'midriff'. Nowadays there are various style of sari get manufactured in variant drapes, the most common style is Nivi in India's Deccan region.The complete attire consist of sari,choli and petticoat. In Modern subcontinent of India Sari considered as cultural icon. Most common ways to drape sari are 'Nivi' in Andhra Pradesh, Bengali and Odia style which is without pleats. In Gujarat or Rajasthan women prefer pleats similar to nivi style. Kulluvi Pattu is a kind of traditional form of sari in Himachal and Uttarakhand etc. these are some common drapes of sari which is preferred in regions of India.The word Sari has been arrived from Sattika as women attire in Buddhist literature.Till now there are more than '80' recorded ways to drape a sari.

Natural Beauty Of Women Belongs To The Fragrance Of Framework Enhanced with Richness of Tradition !

Inspires to Be Traditional

History of sari we can see the sculptures from Indus Valley Civilization which has been flourished during 2800-1800 BC.

Most Preferred Fabrics For Sari Are :

The Modern Touch But Still Tradition Is Alive

Fashion is nothing but an easy way to put on garments while looking stunning and comfortable as well. Tradition is still alive and it can't be ended. Our Traditional Attire Sari is the most preferable clothing adopted by Bhartiya Nari and looks gorgeous while keeping tradition alive.

The outfit consist of long wide fabric comes in Georgette,crepe, chiffon, organza, Arani Silk, Bandhani and many more.The main item which completes the look is Blouse/midriff with petticoat. This attire still get wear the same way as it was. But drapes and fabrics has been modified. But in traditional regions of India it is still same the fabric,drape has not modified. We can still find traditional India in almost all Deccan Parts of India.

Organic Stuff Always Carries A Crown On It's Name !!

What Keeps Us Up Is Hidden At The Beneath

Midriff Is the Bone To Sari. Beautiful Blouses get wears with Sari to bring the flawless seduction. A long straight skirt is carried for the Attire to complete. For youngster sari is now just an occasional attire for change and to follow the custom. By keeping the interest of adult in mind the tradition has changed it's face many time to attract us. There have so many modifications been done in sari attire. Tonnes of colors, fabric, patterns has been introduced. Our Indian Designers who always keep on playing with drapes to make it more regular_trend for people of Country are getting success to bring the ultimate comfort and charm. So, I am definitely sure that Sari is the incredible gift to Our ladies for unblemished glance.

Keeping Tradition Alive With The Adjoint Of Modernity.

From The Decades Tradition Is Breathing Freely In Heart Of Bhartiya Nari !

fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!