Looking Adorable Is An Cultural Right

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

To look different we have to act different as well to get in spot light !!

lehnga is a form of long pleated skirt with embroidery till ankle length wear by women in India. It worn as the bottom portion of 'ghagra-choli' or 'langa voni'. It ties at the waist and leaves the lower back with midriff bare. In India various traditional embroidery is an inspiration for lehnga such as gota patti is one of the popular type for festival and wedding. If we look out at history we will find that lehnga has been originated in mughal era.

In initial lehnga has simply worn by 'mughal era' during 10th century. Slowly lehenga choli begin to popular as an attire among women mainly in North India. The craftsmen in Mughal era evolved fine craftsmanship in India during the rule of 16th to 18th century.

There are diverse range of 'lehnga' is there in running fashion, 'A line' which is tighter at waist and fairy at bottom. This looks really good on hourglass and pear shape body. 'Flared' This type of lehnga has several volume & pleats. This type looks really good on 'rectangular' and round shape body.'Double flared' This one has double or triple flares in it to expand the volume of lehenga. 'Mermaid By name only we can judge that it should look like fishtail'. So, ofcource it is the same one. This one is tight till knees and fairy at the calves. This looks amaze on pear shape and hourglass shape body. Paneled This type of lehenga has made with horizontal panel to get the flares of lehenga. This is one more type of lehenga which suits rectangular body shape and rest are straight with no pleats and trail with extra fabric at the back making a trail.

Lehenga is a kind of costume which has potential to show the tradition, custom, painting,religion, nature we can depict anything.

Some Attires Have Been Made To Draw A Feel Of Angel

Lehenga is a kind of attire which has been made for supply the feel of looking most adorable beautiful women from stars. In North India lehnga specially preferred for festival and marriages purpose for an extraordinary look of being mesmerized. lehenga consist of choli as blouse and ghagra as lehenga. Mostly Indian women get the look completed by adding gold jewelry to the attire for the charm of lady. Though lehnga choli is from Mughal era but in Hindu Custom nowadays it's really preferable costume for special events.

Tonnes of fabric, pattern are available in lehnga for consolation because this attire is really heavy handcrafted embroidered work has done. This is one of the glamorous look for lady in India.

Beauty Inside Is Bringing Out Of Nature By Hand Crafting

When some design stuck our mind the beauty of design which comes as result when a women wears it the charm on a women's face can not be spelled or written. Something done by hands with patiently work on patterns are the most precious work in world. As a designer, stylist to prepare the color combination, the embroidery done on ghagra for perfect body fit is not an easy task to play on and maintain the line of challenges. But the smile on women's face is worthless when lehenga gets wear by women for making the moments precious and unforgettable for the journey left. Minimal jewelry is quiet enough for attire as attire is heavily embroidered.

Lehenga Is Handcrafted To Summarize Fadeless Memories Of Journey !!

fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!