Ethnicity As Specification of India

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

An extensive range of Indian traditional clothing and western manner can be seen in India.

India has vast variety in terms of weaves, fibers, colors and material in clothing. Ethnic costume not only used in daily wear but also on festive occasions as well as ritual ceremonies.

The clothing in India also surround and hold the wide variety of Indian embroidery, prints, handwork, embellishment and styles of wearing clothes. India's noted antiquity of clothing belongs to the 5th millennium BC, When cotton was started to spun.

Indian cotton clothing was well adapted in hot summers of the subcontinent.

In India, women's clothing is outspread and is closely related with the local culture,religion and climate.

Ethnic By Choice..

"We thinks that ethnic is not that cool to wear!! But Actually It Is".

For sure we are in 21st century and we have vast amount of choices in clothes/patterns/color as well. But India is known for its Culture and Rituals. Our Ethnic Costumes are really preferable out of India as well. Let's see how we can convert our ethnic into Indo-Western. Pair your cool printed kurta with ripped Denims, Palazzo, long wide Skirts go with Heels, Boots, Sneakers or Belly. Come out with your best hairstyle and match with ear hoops ear drops or Jhumka for mesmerizing look.

All you need is cool attitude to make things right !!

Ethnic By Nature

When we actually ask our family that where we belongs from?

And what's our actual identity?

So, Our Elders tells that we are Indian, we belong from particular culture and the specialty of us is our Ethnicity. Our Beautiful ladies of India has been graced with colors of culture in variant ways. Let see how the simplicity turns you to pretty. Walk for long Kurta with Sharara.

Pair those with Bellies. Wear Bangles and match with Favorite Jhumka to look blessed in Ethnicity. To carry this look Doesn't matter your Body Figure/ Short or Tall. This look can be adopt by anyone to look pleasing.

Look Classy Look Fabulous !!

fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!