Admirer of Black & White

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Black Color is most preferable color for most of us. But we don't know exactly Why Black color is so favorable?

Black color is related with power, elegance, evil, aggression, rebellion, sophistication, mystery and so on. Black is needed for other colors as well to have depth and variation in tone. So, you have tonnes of reason for wearing Black but no reason to go away from it.

On the same side 'white' color clench Symbolic power. In most of Western Culture it's an indicative of 'goodness and Purity'. The believe in White color is that it gives cleansed to our body depicts out dirt and sludge while they worn.

Both of these colors complement each other and balances us. We mostly like to go for Black and White look to consider Stability.


Athleisure is most preferred look of Today's 'Youngsters'. Before Athleisure were preferred for morning walk or run. But I guess Youngsters feels like to stay out of boundary with no time limits and contradictions.

As far as the look concerned with it's brief It contains really flexible sports jogger match with sports bra, camisole or solid round neck t-shirt anything you can pick of your choice. Get the look completed with sports shoes, sweat band etc. If you think that this look can bring you to battle ground so go for it, it's really trendy, soothing and active spot.

It's really a Thumbs Up look.


Loves to look Different,To grab Attention at College Campus with Fearless Attitude and Shameless Talks.

Some of us have craze to look different and to have different identity by default our look expresses our thought, behave, nature in front of others. for those who want to have different persona in aspect to present themselves for those This look is Definitely going to work out for Bold. Staying casual and free at thoughts is something which can be really different quality.

Here's the look which contain Dress paired with Crop Top over it, Sweatband, Boots or Accessories like choker has been used to complete the look, hairs could be braided tail with natural makeup and highlighted liner.

Never let yourself stopped check once, twice or million of times and then go for your heart listen to it and wear your choice, your time and keep exploring with looks everyday.


fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!