A Bag Is A Perfect Gift To A Lady

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Bags Are Like A Magic Pocket To Girls, Where Can Find All Time Necessary Stuff Of Daily Use !!
Hand Bag

The name 'purse' mainly refers to a small bag for carrying coins. In many english-speaking

countries 'purse' is still refers as small 'currency bag'. We can see a 'handbag' is kind of an accessory which holds objects beyond currency, such as personal stuff. In many United countries purse and handbag are interchangable. In began purse oftenly used as men's hand luggage. During 90's women's bag started to grew on larger scale with more complexity and it categorized under the term accessories. Early Purses were made of fabric like velvet or leather and were carried by men and women both by 17th century girls were started to teach embroidery as an necessary skill for marriage, which led them to make beautiful handbags.


Reticules are type of a small bag having a drawstring which is decorated with embroidery were used as a women accessory or currency carrier. By the 18th century European fashion started to move towards splendor shape for the accessories. Inspired by the cuts of Ancient Greece and Rome. Later Reticules were designed because women didn't want purses which is bulky or untidy in appearance.The modern handbag or purse came in England around Industrial revolution due to increase in the travel. later large size bags introduced for travelling cases or trunks as the purse was really small to carry baggage.

Bags Or Purse serve different services at different time depends on occasion or purpose. down here are some reference images to go for the perfect attire:

Today as a fashion accessory, handbags has categorized as a type of handle,

According to 2011 fashion_trends handbag silhouettes are:

Baguette: 'A french loaf of bread' which is rectangular shape,small narrow purse.

Barrel: It's a close tube or barrel shape bag which is with shoulder- length straps.

Bowling bag : It's a popular 1990's 'retro' bag for you younger women.

Bucket bags : It's a round bag, shape like bucket, it comes in medium or large size with shoulder straps.

clutch : It's a handbag without handles and detachable straps, it's rectangular often uses as an evening bag.

Drawstrings : This has wrist or shoulder length straps with drawstring close on the top.

Hobo bags : Crescent-shaped bag comes in medium size with top zipper with a dip in centre.

Kiondo : It's an handwoven bag made with sisal which is indigenous to kenya.

Messenger bag :It's a long strap bag worn across the body, it's a modern silhouettes for urban messenger to deliver business mail.

Pouch : it's a kind of small money bag, type of pocket or sporran etc.

sling bag : long wide strap crosses the body while resting bag at back.

shoulder bag : Any purse with shoulder strap

Tote : Open top with two large straps.

Bag's Type
So, Many Choices To Choose From, Pair Accordingly Look Differently !!

fiachic, loose yourself to fabricate !!